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Friday, 1 June 2012

Hello June.

1st of June. Kotobian Tadau Tagazo do Kaamatan to those who celebrating Kaamatan and Happy Gawai Dayak  Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai to those who'll be celebrating Gawai today.I'm very proud to live in Borneo land, we live in different races but still live peacefully and respect each other. I've missed the Kaamatan celebration this year, but to be honest, I've never celebrated it in a proper way. No family gathering,no *aramai tih* and to be honest, I only know that  people gather in villages to thank God and the spirits for a good harvest and pray for blessings for an even better harvest the following year. So Its all about give thanks to the Spirit of the paddy. Nowadays,when it comes to Harvest Festival, all I can remember is people getting drunk *because that happens in the time being*. So I've never really celebrated it in that way. So, not being able to come back home during Kaamatan is just okay with me, since there's nothing I can celebrated it, other than praying to God to give abundance in wealth.

The only thing that gets me excited during Kaamatan is the Unduk Ngadau competition. Beauty girls from all over Sabah will compete for the title of becoming the Unduk Ngadau of the year. I love to observe all the pretty girls and started making assumption on who'll gonna win and of course I'm hoping for my district to win but unfortunately this year, the representative from Ranau didn't get into Top 7.Last year, Ranau representative got the 4th place which I think, the best achievement so far.

I don't know how the competition being held, I've never went to the competition yet, but I will go, next time *God willing* to see how is the atmosphere watching all the girls lining up at KDCA.

So, wishing you guys happy June and to those who will face their final exam very soon, all the best and for those who will come back to their hometown for holiday, take care of yourself.

Much love.


Armstrong said...

I also didn't manage to go back to hometown... :( Maybe it's fine with you, and maybe it's kinda fine with me. But it's times like these that I miss my family and friends.

Ba, next year mesti celebrate a n ko mesti pigi KDCA so that I can meet you there hehee.

Happy Friday, Yan!

Imagination said...

ya ba kan.cuti2 ne bkin rndu. sabar ah arms. ko balik sabah juga itu :D ohh god willing.nnti sy jmpa ko sna :D

beaty said...

sa pun inda balik kg bah yan d kk ja rehat since sgt penat bulan ni kwerja..stress

sa ada p KDCA but sangat crowded..but mmg siok la nmpk UN semua lawa2 bh

☆彡Mitchell Cullen said...

Sya pun kira mo lawat kdca ne. maybe next year got chance suda.. better pigi selagi still young, nti tua enda peduli suda haha..

Chihiro said...

blum pnah lg sy pg moi.tepa, next year bru sy pg tngu tu sumandak2 lawa sna kdca :)

Chihiro said...

@☆彡Mitchell Cullen
ya, mari kita serang tu KDCA next year :D