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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

sexy wavy hair.

I always been attracted to long, wavy hair, not too curl, moreless a messy wavy hair look. 
This photos were used as a reference for my appearance last Monday. Been thinking of doing a digital perm to my hair, long time already but somehow I refused as I'm afraid of the consequences. I've been keeping a long hair for 2 years, the last time I cut it short was on 2010. It was a memorable experience  having a different look, but I love long hair better :) 

 photos taken from tumblr :)


A.G.P said...

yes, u look better with long hair... :) i too want a wavy hair!! but maybe next year bru tercapai ni....

The Not so Innocent Erica said...

wavy hair is indeed a trend right now. use loreal's products to keep your hair healthy :D

Betty said...

Long hair looks nice to you, keep it up.

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johann said...

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