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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Getaway: Koh Lipe Part Two

1. The minibus fetch us at Hi-Season Hotel at 8.30 am. I adore Thailand people, they are punctual. Headed to Pak Bara Tier, but the minibus stopped at several hotel and guest house to pick up tourists, to go to Park Bara Tier. The journey took about 2 hours from main town to the pier.

2. Arrived at the tier. Lots of people selling tickets will come and approach you, just tell your destination and they will find the best (kinda) rates for you.The package will include speedboat from the pier to everywhere you want, Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, Koh Lipe, etc.For our package includes speedboat from the peir to the jetty in Koh Lipe, and from the jetty, we need to take long boat to the coast. If I'm not mistaken, we pay about 3000 bath for three person, so 1000 bath per person. Then we booked for a place to stay overnight, since we were completely independent in this journey, we pay 2000 bath for a fan cottage room, for 3 occupants for one night. Upon entering the Park Bara Pier and Koh Lipe pier, we need to pay 20 bath for the maintenance of the place.Sort like heritage tax in Mallaca.

3. Arrived at Koh Lipe, we feel truly amazed by the view. We were totally blown away and we forgot how tiring the journey was for a while :p  Checked in into our room in Varin Beach Resort.

4. We met a guy who can speak Malay, his name is John. He showed us the direction to the nearest restaurant that serves the best food and affordable, called The Family Restaurant. He's been working here for 15 years already, so he knows the place very well. He actually came from India, but worked at several places before coming to Thailand, including Malaysia too.No wonder he can speak Malay fluently :)

5. Walking along the beach, taking photos and mesmerized by the God's creation. Although the sun shone so bright, and I didn't applied any sunblock :P Saw many tourist sun bathing, while us trying to escape from the raging heat from the sun. Haha typical Malaysian.We get used to the sun, we prefer to have our skin fair rather than get tanned. But for the tourist, they get used to cold temperature so they love sun bathing so much. You can see girls with bikinis, men with their short pants everywhere. 

6. Didn't get the chance to go snorkeling :( no worries, next time I certainly go to this place again and stay for a few nights.This place is amazing.

7. At night, we had our dinner at the same restaurant (we fall in love with this restaurant) and continue exploring the place. Found out that they have their own night market here called Koh Lipe street :) Selling lots of souvenirs but way  to expensive compared to the night market at town. Managed to buy a skarf here, as my own souvenir from Koh Lipe :)

8. Going back to Hi season Hotel at 1.30 pm from Koh Lipe Jetty. Reached hotel at 5.30 pm.

There are many activities you can do here, if you stay longer.Unfortunately for us, we only stayed one night.John advised us to extend our day but we already plan to go to Night market at town the following day :( so much to do but so little time.

Next post teaser, night market, the end  of journey :(


A.G.P said...

night market la paling sy suka.. :D

Chrisse~ said...

Siok!!!:D. Bulan 6 sy p bangkok.x sabar sdh ni:3

Chihiro said...

@A.G.P bkin gila ni suping sni :3

Chihiro said...

@Chrisse~ bangkok lg best kalau shopping :)