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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Pharmacy Annual Dinner

Pharmacy Annual Dinner
Malam Mengusik Kalbu Menggamit Memori
20 May 2013
Saloma Bistro& Theatre 

I have to summarize the whole night in just one word. AWESOME. 
The foods, the crowds and i must admit the seniors and the lecturers were very supportive to make this event  a success. The theme for last night dinner was Vintage Classic but screw me, I don't know how to match with the theme, I'm totally out of idea on how to buy a dress with reference to the theme. 

Dress: Bought from CurvesBoutique. They have a store at 1Borneo Hypermall, go take a look! :) They provide excellent service :)
Shoes: Polo shoes, bought at Sogo, discounted price.wee huu!
Make up: I try to keep it minimal, Elianto Purple Eyeshadow, Revlon mascara and face powder, Maybelline BB Cream, and Maybelline Lipstick with PeriPera Lip Tint.
Hairdo: Big thank you to my roomate, Stelly for helping me setting up my hair! <3 I love it! (hidup balah tangah ! :p)

Then after everything had finished, we came back to hostel with a happy stomach and exhausted. 


Alexy Rusx said...

wohooo breathtaking btul sy nmpk ko ni yan..alawaaaa noh :D *double thumbs up*

beaty said...

alawa tomod mandak

Kaoru Rozer said...

@Alexy Rusx terima kasih dalingg <3

Kaoru Rozer said...

@beaty awwhh ponsikou beat :)

Hosea Henry said...

semakin extravaganza sdah ko ni kaorusan, hehe

Kaoru Rozer said...

@Hosea Henry hahaha jgn bgtu ba.besa2 seja ni xD