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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Wonderbox April Edition.

So this is the moment I've been waiting for, waiting for my first Wonderbox to arrive! I'm over the moon, very excited to share with you all about this mystery box called Wonderbox :D

It is basically a box consists of various beauty products, selected from popular barnds such as Murad, Elianto, Clinelle etc. Basically, upon registration page, you will be directed to a survey page, where you need to answer a few questions regarding your preferences in beauty products, skin types and many more. Try to answer this question seriously as they will choose the item based on your answers during the survey.
So, in this box consists of:

1. L'oreal Professional Liss Ultime Shampoo (retail price, RM50/250ML), suitable for rebellious and frizzy hair
2. L'oreal Professional Liss Ultime Masque (Retail price RM67/200ML), for unmanageable, frizzy hair.
3. Clinelle Skin Smoothing Scrub with Marine Beads
4. Timeless Truth Deep Sea Extract Moisturizing Mask (retail proce, RM10 per mask)
5. Prickly Pear, for Normal to Combination Skin
6.Voucher code for HISHOP and Timeless Masks

Looking through the items they gave to me, I think that the price I paid for this was worth it. For RM 39.90, I can get all this and not forgot to mention  the packaging is super adorable. tehee. The contents may vary every month. I like surprises!
If you are interested in this cute box, just browse this website WONDERBOX
Don't forget to share ypu experience with this Wonerbox to me :D


A.G.P said...

eee dpt x dpt beli..sedihhh

Chihiro said...

@A.G.P tepa manda, ada lg may pnya edition n ada website bru lg, :)

Adeline Samuil said... laa.. for rm39.90 every month, its really worth it. :D

A.G.P said...

@Chihiro aim2 sda tu mivva tu...mcm bnyk isi dia.haha...bag of love lg..tu pn cam bnyk... :D

Alison Alison said...

I've gotten another Ronasutra powder in a diff color (I guess it's for darker complexion)..Wish I've gotten
Clinelle instead:}