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Monday, 11 March 2013

Getaway: Hat Yai Part One

This is my first getaway outside the country, so I'm super excited *jakun
So let me start. *inhalee

1. We almost missed our flights since le sister's flight from Kota Kinabalu got some problem. They took MAS,upon reaching KLIA, it was already 11.30am and they were rushed to go to LCCT since our flight to Hatyai on 12.15pm

2.Reached Hat Yai International Airport. Got through passport clearance, we headed straight to the money changer and found out the Tour Counter.We booked a tour to Koh Lipe :) 

3. The tour included taxi to our hotel, which is Hi-season Hotel, a bit far from the main town but the accommodation is perfect. But I recommend you to take Tunes Hotel,Centara Hotel, Cathay Guest House(budget hotel, shared bathroom) because it is located near to the main town.

4. Exploring Hatyai, searching for a place to eat.We were starving. So we search for Tuk Tuk, the main transportation here, and ask for direction to a nearest restaurant.Lucky for us my sister's friend, Gan can speak Thai.

5. Riding Tuk Tuk to go to Wat Hat Yai, Buddhist Temple. We searched  via internet, and we found this place. 

5. Went to their market selling lots of food, veges, fruits, and some rare insects :3

6. Stopped by at 7 Eleven to buy toiletries.You can found a lot of this shop here, almost in every road.

7. Heading to our hotel using Tuk Tuk. 

So, this is rough story about how we spent our first day at Hat Yai. We were completely independent in this vacation, no tour guide just ourself with google. My suggestion, try togoogle your place of interest to know what are the attraction in that place and how to get there. It's fun, but be confident. You might get lost, but don't afraid to ask for direction.Hat Yai people are friendly and helpful, just don't mess with them :)
If you have any question about the budget, or recomendation on the preferred hotel,places, don't hesate to ask me.It will be my pleasure to help as much as I can :) 

Nest Post teaser, beach and hot guys :3


aestherlyienda said...

I went to stay at Centara the other day and we had everything booked and planned by the tourist guide. I bet yours was as awesome.

juwenjoanne said...

sa nmpk gambal simkad..mcm mana mo on9? guna simkad dorang? hehe

Chihiro said...

@aestherlyienda wah, how much you pay for the tour? :)

Chihiro said...

@juwenjoanne iys, sy bli local Simcard di LCCT.ada kna jual, utk thailand pnya :)

aestherlyienda said...

I was sponsored. =.=" The only thing I had to worry about was overshopped. lol

Chihiro said...

@aestherlyienda lucky you :3