Daddy's little girl. Whenever she needed a space on her own, she will keep herself drowned with amazing books accompanied by Jericho and Mckenzie, the catch-eye.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Stay behind the camera.

I don't have many pictures of myself in my folder. I've been behind the camera all the time and it makes me comfortable in that way. A friend of mine started experimenting with Mckenzie and after she had finished taking pictures, I looked and found a few pictures of me.Then I started thinking, 'I looked very weird' =.="

I have a friend who share the same passion as I am, the only difference is, she like to be the subject of the picture while me, I'm comfortable to be behind the camera. Posing in front of camera will makes me feel extremely awkward. I still remember, all my passport pictures and ID card picture, neither look nice.

so, I just stay behind the camera and capture the moments.


Armstrong said...

For me, I'd like to be in front and also the one who does the clicking... hehee. Balance kalo sia. LOL.

How's school, Yan?