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Wednesday, 6 June 2012


I've been spending time with this new uke.My sis bought a new one when she's on vacation at Indonesia. Quite cheap, guess what it only cost RM 20 after I converted it into MYR currency. Even though it is cheaper than my pink uke but I love playing this one compared to the pink uke. Anyone want the pink uke? rise up your hands! I might give you if you're lucky enough :3 *kenenlaa ada uke baru terus mo bagi orang yang lama :P*

I wanted to do a new cover of *jengjeng jeng* still in progress, *suara katak pun mo menyanyi* but then I realised that I just want to do this for fun, so why don't I just continue with that kan? but please bear with my voice, I'm only sing in the bathroom :p Maybe after I've done practising and after I'm mentally and physically ready.Wakakakkk XD

I posted in my twitter that I've wanted to sell my Mckenzie (Sony Alpha-290) *sobbsss* because I wanted to buy a new one with video features.I've been experimenting with videography,a little bit using my sis new dslr that she won by joining facebook contest *how lucky she is!* Quite hard, not quite but harder than I thought. I have limited of ideas and yet my hands are shaking =.=" .eventually, I failed.HAHA

I have this idea of making a video of my hometown.I've seen a lot of interesting places to be featured on the video during my way back home from KK today.gonna start drafting the storyboard.Wish me luck!

Much love.


Amanda Gaby Peter said...

ba bg mauu..haha

Alexy Luc said...

goodluck on videography..keep it up. :D

Chihiro said...

@Amanda Gaby Peter
ko mau? tapi sana di kl sy kc tggl.nnti sy bawa balik time cuti mid sem 2 :)

Chihiro said...

@Alexy Luc
okeh daling :3

Amanda Gaby Peter said...

astgaa ko serius?mau la..hahah...