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Sunday, 24 June 2012

pictures, and everything nice.

I've been thinking to sort out all my folder inside my laptop, I can see that my files are a bit unorganized.Been thinking to re-format, then my pirated copy of Photoshop will be removed ( I googled the serial key and yah, I got it for free XD ) but, after series of failure, then magically, the serial key that I've entered is correct. So now, I enjoyed using Photoshop CS5 illegally  :P 
so, maybe I just need to sort out all the folder for now.

Found this picture, taken during dad's funeral. Somehow, I just want to become a kid again, no major problem exists. People were mourning, and they just sat there enjoying themselves. I can't blame them for being  too innocent and still too young to understand what happening around them. I still remember what Bianca said after she saw her late grandfather lying inside the coffin, she said * Atukkk* She didn't know, and does not affected by the situation. I wish I could be like them.

It's been a while. That date is my worst nightmare, the day when I lost the other part of my heart.
I stick with simple yet plain handphone for now, as my sister's handphone which is the galaxy young that I've been using now, merely for online/instagram/android application stuff. I don't quite interested with touchscreen handphone *tangan besar mo taip selalu tesalah LOL*
Kampung sunset scenery. 

So that's all for today's pictures sharing. More to come *tunggu sy kurik tu gambar2 dalam folder :p*

much love.