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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Vacational Posting.

The end of vacational posting for this semester.  I've learnt a lot, valuable experiences. I have no idea what is about being a PPF, but after 1 week I'm here, finally I've this rough idea what I'll face after I graduated :)
Dealing with prescriptions, doctor's handwriting =.=" Latin abbreviation, and techniques, you have to act fast, because the patient lining up soo long and you need to fill up the medications according to the prescription correctly. At first I'm confused at the handwriting, but asking is the key. Don't be afraid to ask, to make sure all your labels are correct. 

Doing the compounding for folic acid syrup, and phenobarbitone syrup, just like the same thing we were doing during extemporaneous preparation. It's fun, because it's not about learning and memorizing all those theories only, experience is also included. I felt that, eventhough scoring higher pointer doesn't mean that you are good because when we at work, the only that matters is that how we can apply all the theories into our work. So fellas, don't think that you only need to score 4flat every single exam and feel satisfied and feel good about it. Dont boast yourself. In our career life is way too different form what we learn during lectures.

Thank you to the senior PPF, you are so kind to us, providing information and guiding us until the very end. :)
*I got 49 out of 50 for our marks.Working on our reports later* 

Much love <3


beaty said...

ogumu neh tubat kan

Chihiro said...

eya moi.buli curi ni kalau mau XD

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

this looks like so much fun! are u a pharmacy student? :D

Chihiro said...

it does :) yup, I'm a pharmacy student :)