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Saturday, 13 October 2012


I can't wait to go back home and start taking lots of photos.

In the midst of pre-exam fever, I still have the chance to sneak into this blog of mine. I miss writing so bad.
Classes 6 days in a week, revising previous topic with le lecturers, tutorial, practical and bla bla bla. I admit that life is getting even tougher than before.

I started to  practice a healthy lifestyle by exercising 3 weeks ago followed by a healthy breakfast and it does shows a good improvement. I've no longer facing insomnia, my biological clock is working fine now and I found out that I can focus better :)

I've stated before that practicing a healthy balanced diet is very hard, especially for people like me, who adores food very much.There's a time that I broke my regime and started stuffing myself with fast food but after that I continue exercising as a payback :p

I don't expect myself not to eat those delicious fast foods forever, I'm very sure I can't. The only thing that I've promised to myself is, I can eat all those food but in moderate amount and continue exercising :)

Nothing is impossible. *Crossing fingers*


juwen said...

healthy breakfast?? sharing is caring hehe,,,any tips :P

Chihiro said...

heheheh.jan makan tlampau berat kalau breakfast. try oat :)

juwen said...

okok...will try your tips :) mau p bili laini nnt sana kadai hehehe