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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Ohana means family.

Family has fights, disagreement as well as drama.  Everyone wished for a better family, such as understanding parents. When I was in secondary school, I have this one friend who is very close to her mother, they are like best friend. My friend shares her problems to her mother, personal things and even when it comes to relationship. Somehow I wish for the same thing. 

I'm not saying that my mum gave me a cold shoulder all the time, simply that I never share any of my problem with her, especially personal things because I knew it wouldn't work that way. My relationship with my mum is simple, I teased her quite frequent :P she asked me whether her outfit matches or not but I never tell her about the guy(s) I like, stuff like that, you know it.

But somehow, because I'm the one who stay at home all the time, I don't go out very much, I love  my relationship with le internet and tv very much so I always listen to all of her rants. I guess I'm a good listener? naaa. It's not. hihi. What I can do is just listen.

For my siblings, my brother and sisters (I have one brother and 4 sisters) all of them possess different qualities and traits. Some are very stubborn (including me), childish, egoistic, you name it. You can see that we are not perfect.we fight, almost all time, but at the end of the day, we still in a family. 

You see, my point is, God has created our family in this way. As I grew up, I learnt that there's nothing that could cut this family bond, because we are connected by blood.Sometimes the fights turned out so bad, lasted for years but we managed to find the way out from the problems. No matter how stubborn, lazy, rebellious I am, they still love me.

So guys, accept that perfection doesn't exist :) Accept all the flaws.


Anonymous said...

My relationship between me and my mum is just like yours. Exactly the same! I mean, based on what u wrote la. :)

Hipi said...

cantik your pics :D

beaty said...

lama suda sa inda nampak c rony o