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Friday, 2 November 2012

exam week.

been on a very stressful week. At least I've killed two out of seven subjects so far.5 more to go, I'll expect nothing but with all my hard-work and efforts, God willing :) everything will be just fine.

5/11 Organic Chemistry 
6/11 Amalan Farmasi
7/11 Pharmaceutics III
8/11 Pharmacology I
9/11 Pharmacology II

I can't wait for Deepavali holidays. Ivy planning to come to KL and we will have some time to go jalan2! :3

I should continue studying now. Have a blast November and be blessed.


juwen said...

Good Luck exam kio!!

A.G.P said...

sy pn exam ni skg...huhu tp x ckup ni sy bljar....harap pass seja la utk masuk degree...hihihi.... Gud luck yan... :)

Jujie said...

all the best sis!

nGiau Jairim said...

good luck! :)