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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Is it too complicated?

I don't know whether this thing is so complicated, or I'm the one make the thing much more complicated.
I do believe in time, when the time is right, then anything worth waiting can happen. 
then, in my situation, I still feel that I really shouldn't be playing with hearts,emotion and feelings right now because if I do, I'm screwed. 
I refused to think about the future with you not because I don't have the feeling but honestly, it requires commitment and yes, I'm still a small kid in term of that. 
I want something that will last until we are both separated by death. It's not bind by lust, and ended with hatred. Now, life makes it harder to find someone who can understands you. 


SimplySeoul said...

is this involving someone? hehe two strings could be tangled badly or nicely connected.

Chihiro said...

woahh i like your words :D this thing been bugging my head.*sigh