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Saturday, 22 December 2012


I've been abandoning my blog for quite a while due to practical week and preparation for Christmas. 
I miss writing, sharing photos and here I am, posting a little bit updates about what's been happening here. We are celebrating Christmas at church, and tonight is the first session.I just got back from church and I feel blessed by the preach. I still remember my ex-schoolmate posted on facebook about " Try not to deviate from the real meaning of Christmas" I strongly agree on this. I wish I have an ample of time to explain what I really think what Christmas is all about for me. I guess I blog about it later. Now, I just wanna wish you all, have a joyful Christmas, because I'll know I'll be very busy and I don't have time to wish to my faithful readers. 

Jujie and me, after the first session of Christmas celebration at church. :)

Be blessed :)


aestherlyienda said...

Happy Christmas girl..

juwen said...

Blessed christmas yan:)... P/s- lawa bju ko ooo