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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Moment with D5100

Using le sister's camera today (Nikon D5100). For me, it doesn't matter what brand of your dslr, as long as you have the spirit and passion to take photos with all you heart, and it will not give you any difference :) I personally don't like some of the people who claimed themselves as 'photographer' comparing camera brands. When you said you own  this or that brand, they started to discriminate and saying that this is better than the others, you shouldn't buy those etc etc.  Yeah, I know there are differences, but making people to feel bad about their camera is not the good thing to do.  Chill guys, just use the camera and give your best shot instead. If you have extra money, invest on lenses. 

I have this question regarding photo editing. Should we do it or not? One of my friend said that it's better to leave the photo as it is @ original is much better. Good photos come from the original one we took, not the edited version. So guys, what is your opinion on this matter?


A.G.P said...

i believe in editing.. hahaha

Chihiro said...

@A.G.P me too.hihi :3

Alexy Rusx said...

Depends on the individu..everyone have different opinion.i prefer both :)

juwen said...

10% edit hehe