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Friday, 18 January 2013


Typical life story of a student, attending neverending classes, sleeping in class (during lectures), assignments, piling notes and etc. I don't want to complain, because I know later on I'll miss this situation, even though I feel like dying now.Same like when I leave MRSM, I told to myself, I'll leave all my memories buried here, but deep in my heart, I still miss that place, until,now when I had a conversation with my friend, who came from Tawau. 

But today I'm not talking about past stories, memories or else, I just want to share with you what happen in my not-so-interesting life during this week. For your information, I really wanted to go travelling, no matter where, I just want to go overseas, to take as many photos I want and to gain experience and inspirations. So, I've been searching for a cheap flight ticket, thanks to AirAsia for being generous, and fortunately I managed to grab some tickets. The first destination is, Phuket. I managed to book ticket to Phuket, we will go there on June 2013, since I'll be having my final semester break during that month so it will be a perfect  time to go travelling. Guess what, the price for my return ticket (KL-PHUKET) is just MYR 210 . There is no direct flight from KK to KL, so my sister and I planned to buy those tickets separately, when we have enough money :p We just wanna grab the cheapest flights. I booked the ticket last year, and now we are almost ready since we are already booked for KK-KL return flights and hotel for our stay.

I'm so eager for flights promotion. Whenever Airasia is having sales, I'll be one of the customer who will stick to my laptop/tab searching for cheap tickets. 

Then, recently, once again Airasia launched their Free Seat promotion, still ongoing until 20th January. Second destination is, Bali. Weehuu! Bought a return flights from KL-BALI, MYR 166 on December 2013.

So now I'm excited to go but I just want to share to you how to get updated with Airasia promotion.Let's go travelling together! :3

First, get updated by liking Airasia Facebook Page,because here they will post updates whenever they will having a promotion :)

second, about Big Card but I'll explain to you more about this card on separate post (my post will become long and boring if I continue :p) 

I've tweeted about how I'm now officially broke because I bought tickets to Bali.Haha. Nevermind, that's what allowances are for :P *evil laugh* 


juwen said...

We might meet on December somewhere over there wahahhaha Bali bebeh!