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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Your first 10000 photographs are your worst.

Stayed overnight at airport to catch my early morning flight at 6.45 am. It was horrible, even though it was my second time. The difference is, last night I'm completely alone, having late dinner alone (seems pathetic) . I only managed to sleep about 15 minutes, because I wasn't feel comfortable and I'm afraid I might oversleep and missed my flight :p

Le cousin and sister fetched me later and we headed to Ranau immediately since I was feeling dizzy because of lack  of sleep.

So today I have this random thoughts about bad photography skills/ bad pictures. I took random photos today, and most of them are bad, it was dark and I can't adjust the shutter without having the blurry image. My hands were shaky. 
But I'm not gonna blog about the skills, tips and all that because I'm the one who needs more practice, I just wanna say that 
Henri Cartier-Bresson - "Your first 10000 photographs are your worst."
or even more than 10000. Don't give up, I'll try baby steps to brush up the basic things.  

Sorry for being M.I A . Semester 3 been killing me silently, I don't even have time for myself :(