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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Beauty products

I grew up with 4 sisters so I learn how to use make ups and beauty products mostly from them, and there are also some things that I learn it by myself, out from curiosity and sometime I hide it from them :P I'm still a young teenager so I have that shy feeling and afraid that they might tease me. So far, they've been a good companion, we can share clothes, make ups  and I can get product reviews from them before I start buying new one.
When my late dad started giving me pocket money every month, so I started managing my own financial to make sure that I can survive until the end of the month, sometimes I failed.LOL Been buying cleanser, day cream, basic makeups using my allowance so that is how I started buying beauty products.Now, we are given allowance to study here at KSKB SG buloh, I feel like I'm already a working woman, waiting for payday, paying bills(broadband, etc) managing monthly budget, savings, etc and beauty products never leave the budget list :P
So, here are some the products that I've been using:

 Elianto Eye Primer and Elianto Eye Shadow.I just started learning to apply eyeshadow, I'm still a beginner but I'm attracted to Michelle Phan's tutorial about makeups. Normal day, or if I wanna go for a day out, I just apply a basic makeup which includes eyeliner, mascara, blusher and lipstick. But now, I'm started to get deeper with this eyeshadow thingy, for the moment I love it! I decided to buy this during my trip to Malacca.

Revlon Face Powder. This is a great investment, I love this product even though it costs a lil bit higher for me, as a student. But, investing on something worth is never a dissatisfaction to me.  Blusher from IN2IT.

 I've been a liquid eyeliner lover since secondary school. I've tried using pencil eyeliner but, I didn't quite like the result. So I stick to IN2IT liquid eyeliner. I use Revlon GROW mascara.I love the effect of volumized but I bought the wrong one.I supposed to buy the non waterproof but ended up buying the waterproof mascara.
 Brushes. Only two in my make ups bag now, planning to add in some new brushes soon. Blusher brush, bought it for RM 5 and eyeshadow angled brush from Elianto.
 Hair care! My hair is a lil bit dry so when I had my hair cut last time, the hairstylist suggested to me the Nexxen product and I like it :) been using until now. I bought Ellips for my hair serum.

Last but not least, lips care. I have this dry lips if I didn't follow my hydative routine by drinking at least 2 litres of plain water every day. So to prevent my dry lips becomes worse, I use Vaseline. 

I read aestherlyienda's blog and found out about this Wonderbox.After googling and signing up, I found out this website is like Ipsy from Michelle Phan. I love Ipsy but they don't shipp to Malaysia. Let's try Wonderbox instead.I already purchsed for my April box, now I'm excited :D

For only RM 39.90 :D


A.G.P said...

aih stress sy x dpt bli ni wonderbox! sy p bt dlu ne maybank2u em bru ne sy bli....kin pnas cimbclick sy..

juwen said...

Sa bulum pakai makeup.... byk jg ooo mo pakai ni brg edeiii