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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Getaway: Night Market Part Three

Night Market at Hatyai. I think one of the night market here, since we found Kim Young Market through Goggle, and this is different from the description in the internet. As usual for a night market, clothes, food, accessories  perfect place for shopaholic :3

I wanna buy something here, as a souvenir or for myself  BUT we spent more than we have planned at Koh Lipe so, *sigh I can only window shopping, and buy the strawberry and some other foods :( :(

We went here by Tuk Tuk, around 6 pm. We didn't know it's hard to find a Tuk Tuk at night :( or it just or hotel situated far from the main town so we walked along the road for 15 minutes without any direction just to find a Tuk Tuk. We almost lost, tehee.

Went back to Hotel around 10, if I'm not mistaken, freshen ourselves and packing.

So, this is the last post for Hatyai Getaway. I miss that place, wanna go there again soon :)
There are plenty of places we didn't  have the chance to go, such as the Floating Market, since it will only open during weekends. We went to Hatyai on weekdays so we missed that place. Another place is Kim Young Market. We even missed the chance to go snorkelling at Koh Lipe.
It was a memorable vacation :)


Adeline Jocellyn said...

waa.. siok owh.. suda ada experience pg ngara orang. :D I'm a bit jealous. tehee.. :3

A.G.P said...

oooh night market make me crazyy!! :D haha..