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Monday, 11 March 2013

Reachout Convention

Awesome day at Taylor's College on 2 March. Went to Reachout Convention, I listened to many inspiring speakers, Tan Sri  Tony Fernandez, Dato' Ruby Khong, Henry Golding, etc. I'm moved by their experiences and how they managed to do something big to do volunteerism.

The main reason I decided to attend this convention because I won a meet and greet pass to meet the awesome youtubers, Chester See, Jason Chen and David Choi. Then my mind was completely blown away by the speakers and I enjoyed myself, thinking what can I do for volunteerism? What I can do to contribute something to the society instead of waiting to be contributed? Do you see the difference? We always think that volunteerism is a waste of time, energy and etc as we don't get paid. Typical people, we work to get paid.No money, no talk. Then this convention changed my perspective about willingness, and kind hearted to those who are in need. I ain't a rich person, but there's always something, might be little to others but might brightens someone's day :) who knows.

So, after an awesome talks, the crowd was crazy, as it is finally the time for the youtubers to come in front. I didn't get the chance to take their photos, as I was sitting at the back, alone (pathetic) and my camera is not equipped with zoom lens so I just watch them :)

I came alone to this convention, I really wanna meet those youtubers so I decided to come alone, since my friends were so busy. Wandering around Taylor's University during lunch time to search for foods, I'm so freaking hungry at that time, luckily I found the food court and started eating like a p*g.

Then,the meet and greet session. I thought we are able to take personal photos but unfortunately we can't T.T They got their photographers to take the pictures but I get the chance to meet them face to face and HUG them! *Sounds so gete
I fell in love with Jinnyboy instantly, because he's so tall! HAHAHAHAH but seriously, he's so tall and muscular.Don't get me wrong, I still in love with the youtubers.

Got the chance to meet the Unfold casts, I admire Marriane but since I came alone, I can only take their pictures and I don't have a personal picture with them T.T

The concert, I'm blown away. Even though the surrounding was so hot, raging heat but I managed to stay and enjoyed myself but I left early and missed Chester's performance as the time is running late.I'm afraid I can't get any taxi to go home.

So, this is a rough story about the Reachout Convention.I had fun, even though I'm all alone here at that time but I had a great time.


juwen said...

Waaaaa c Marriane Tan! Siukkk ko jumpa f2f.. Kurus ka dia? Jinnyboy tingi pula ingt pindik hahahha

ELYAS ERIC said...

so lucky!!!! :3

Chihiro said...

@juwen ngam2 ja badan dia.lawa ni nda tlampau kurus :) tinggi dia tu juwen atokk sy jatuh sintah terus

Chihiro said...

@ELYAS ERIC my lucky year!hehehe mcm mimpi pla sia rasa