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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Stop being too adorable little kids :P

Charlie, 1 month old

Sometimes I feel like they are like my little sister and little brother to me, my niece and nephews. I took care of Bianca quite a long time, when her mum was at KL at that time. So I can feel the bond between Bianca and me.
They are so adorable, even though sometimes they are really wrecking my nerve, but they are still little kids somehow. Tehee. The best moment when they were trying to learn how to speak, amazing new languages came out xD

Bianca: Yann, naa atan
translated as: Yan, nah, makan

Bianca: Angan atau momoi aru angun
translated as: Jangan kacau momoi ba, momoi baru bangun (she called herself momoi)

and they can mimic someone's talking

Mom: charlie, tataaa mami (tataa means goodbye)
Charlie: Tataaaaa (waving hands)

missing home so dearly. Can't wait for June.