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Monday, 24 June 2013

Getaway: Phuket Day 1 : Simon Cabaret

I read lots of blogs before departing to Phuket to get a rough idea about the place, since we are travelling without accompanied by tough men lol and family members were a bit worried about us, in case anything happen during our trip and no one to help. I read from Aki's blog about how the taxi driver worked, they will stopped by at the tour agency office so that they can promote to the tourist about their tour services. Some people didn't recommend to take their offers, they said it's a bit expensive. Stella wrote that there are cheaper rates of tour available at the Aspery Hotel lobby. At first I decided to just directly go to our hotel but This All In One agency (the office we stopped by) gave us a pretty good rates (I think so) and the the boss is Chinese man originating from Johor, so we feel a little bit safe and relief. We took their tour services finally :) 

The first place we go after arrived at our hotel is Simon Cabaret, famous for Ladyboy show. I really want to see how they actually look like, I just heard stories about pretty man and I was eager to see them face to face. It turned out to be a jaw dropped moment, they are really look like a woman! Pretty woman I'd like to emphasize here.I feel defeated by them :p

We were not allowed to bring camera inside, so we were just taking photos outside before the show begin and afterwards. I was mesmerized by how they dance, mimicking a song, they are really good! After the show finished, they will make a line outside and offers the audience for a photograph session. Please bear in my it is not free. Diane Teo wrote in her blog last time they went there, they will charge 40 bath to take photos with them. while us, they charge 100 bath/RM 10 per session. Kinda expensive but, naah I think it was worth the money.


juwenjoanne said...

punya santik tu nenen dorang haha

Gaby said...

yg 2nd last pic tu ba...yg gaun kuning btl2 cam ppuan dr jauh..haha...kiut ni..