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Saturday, 15 June 2013

One fine day.

one fine day. Attended Rinus and Judith engagement day this morning, and spend some time with the little kids on the evening. Time flies so fast. I still remember helping my sister to babysit Bianca while she's at KL searching for a secured job. She was 1 year ++ if I'm not mistaken, learning to speak, sometime in her own language that I can barely understand :p Waking up at nights to prepare her milk. Now she's growing up, she's more like a little sister to me, I feel it that way.Charlie, even though I didn't spend much time babysitting him, but having these little kids creating hustle and bustle at home makes me feel alive.


A.G.P said...

Bgs la ada pngalamn jga budak sda.hihi

Mischelle said...

I helped my sis with her daughter since the day she born cos my law is teaching at a rural school, it was hard especially when they fall sick & cranky. Good experience though. :D