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Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Finally. I've been waiting for this photobook to arrived at le sister's workplace. I estimated that it will only take a few days, and I can get this before the engagement because I planned to give this as a gift along with her favourite make up by Make Up Forever I've purchased from Sephora. I'll blog about Sephora later :)

So, this is a photobook, moreless like modern photo album. I saw this deal on Groupon, cost me about RM 38, the cost for this photobook before discounted is RM138 (if I'm not mistaken). After buying the deal on Groupon, I downloaded the Photobook Designer Software and started designing. I choose the most simple, since I don't like fancy one, minimal would be just fine. 

So, this is the screenshot of the software I've used. 

When I received the parcel today, I'm satisfied with the result :) This will be a new photo album for me I guess.


A.G.P said...

lama sda mau bli ni d groupon tp blm lg kesampaian.lawa ooh kn.

juwen said...

Ooo ini pula Photobokk d groupon... Siuk oh..nnt mo try la.. :)