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Wednesday, 26 June 2013


I miss writing and spilling my thought into written form, as I can't express it verbally. Lot's of thing happening around me, and I don't know how to start. Holiday almost over and it means I will start my practical session at Hospital Queen Elizabeth soon. Went room cleaning at Kepayan Ridge today, met Hazirah, my new roomate for this year and I gave her the keys. Truth is, I don't even ready for practical. I'm sort of afraid of starting my practical year, I'm afraid I will give a bad first impression to the staff at Pharmacy Department. 

I've been listening to quite lots of new song lately, thanks to non-stop watching MTV early in the morning, my playlist finally updated. 

1. Six Degrees of Separation- The Script
2. What About Love- Austin Mahone
3. Counting Stars- OneRepublic
4. Let Her Go- Passenger
5. Learn To Love Again- Lawson

Sometime while listening to the song, the lyrics kinda related to my past/present/future so Ijust let my emotion mixed with the songs and yeah, blame the hormones for making me feel extra emotional because of one freaking song.HAHA

I just need to keep calm and rest assured. Everything will be just fine.


Armstrong said...

All the best to your coming practical sessions! Ko buli tu! ;)

Happy Thursday, Yan!

Gaby said...

i love the song What About Love- Austin Mahone....

u can do it! i know how u feel. maybe like my 1st time doing my school based experience... the nervousness is similar i guess.hehhe