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Monday, 16 September 2013

My mind was pretty occupied with this 5 points.

1.Missing Piece
If you ask me, where do I find myself a safest place to hide? A shelter, a place where you can be yourself and be free from all those hectic life. I will call that place home. A warm smile that feel so close to your heart waiting for you inside, sound of cranky kids with their own world, family which always be by your side even though how reckless and imperfect you are. I've noticed that the situation is slowly changing. People change, so does the wise man said. I became unsure about my definition of home, since I can feel I'm losing myself here.

2. Don't get attached
Love can be a pretty damn confusing. Sometimes you can feel the air is full of love, you can barely touch the ground. You started to look beyond what you could see now, started imagining what could be happen the next 10 years. Sometimes you are in doubt, can you survive? Can this love bear all those rough cold wind that always gets in your way?  Does true love exists?

3. Silence
Whenever trials and tribulations get in my way, I really want to spill it all over to someone, seek advices but to be honest, I really don't want to hear any harsh advices that make the situation worse. then I keep it all inside, until finally  I'll explode. 

4. Immature
One does not know how to measure maturity. Age doesn't defines maturity, then how we measure it? Met a few people, who clearly being ignorant all the time and didn't care about others but only themselves.  

5. Growing up is tiring.
As we grow up, we become to see how we are supposed to carry responsibilities towards ourselves, to our family and people surrounding. How I wish i can stay at this age forever, or even younger than this where the only problem I need to face is my missing toys.


Arms said...

I used to want to grow up fast. But now I want time to rewind. So I can do much more things. But I'm content with how I am now though. Just that I can do more.

Well, that's what I think about point 5 hehee. Nda kena tanya pun kan pendapat sia.

Happy weekend, Yan!