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Sunday, 20 May 2012

A chance to learn.

 Pta. Prof Son Radu

Pst. Eddie Yasir
 Pdt. Ir Herlianto

During Q&A session

Seminar Pneumatologi at SIB Petaling Jaya. I learned a lot during the seminar, I feel grateful to have the chance to learn about the holy spirit according to the bible.
Such an amazing experience and time with Pdt Ir Herlianto and Ibu Esther, they came from Indonesia.Such a loving husband and wife, been married for 50 years, still in love with each other.

He's 71 and she's 67 years old. God bless them.

Have a blessed Sunday.Have a great week ahead.

much love.


Alexy Luc said...

the power of love when God in between. :)

beaty said...

When God in our life, everything is possible!

Imagination said...

yes, indeed :)