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Monday, 21 May 2012

Midsummer Night Dream.

View from the outside of Doris' house.

Spending the weekend at church, attending the seminar and slept at Doris' house after the practice. Life is good, when you have something to work on, when you keep yourself busy, rather than wondering around, not knowing what to do, like my position now. I'm counting the days, heart, please be patient :)

I've already finished watching xxxHolic, and continue myself to watch xxxHolic the movie, Midsummer Night Dream.I planned to watch it in the evening, but my bed looks very seducing and I ended up sleeping for the whole evening. 

I've booked for flight tickets for my upcoming mid semester 2 break, I'm not even entered semester 2 yet but I found the Airasia promo advertisement on twitter. I checked and luckily the ticket fare is still affordable. 
Although it is just one week break, but spending time with your family is important. That is what I think now. Rather than I spend my money on something that is unnecessary during holidays, because I tend to go out because of the boredom. It's better to buy flight tickets and enjoy free foods, tv and the fresh morning breeze at home. 

Tonight is our Pharmacy Dinner but I refused to go.Reason? no specific reason. I don't feel like going. I rather date with my laptop, watching anime. true story. I'm not the kind of social person sometimes. Not in the right mood to eat, wearing beautiful dress and those makeup. Next time maybe?

How many times I said I want to go home? A lot right? *sigh* 
much love.