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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

First post.

After a long thought, finally I came up with a final decision.I've deleted my old blog. The blog that I've been writing since 2007, (nonsense writing :p) is now gone. At first I just want to change the url, but it will be so complicated, to re-sync with other application.Then the idea of starting a new storyline, came up and, here I am, writing my first post for my new blog.

Just finished with final exam today, and there's no thing that can make me even happier than this. New books to be read, anime coming right up, and of course, boredom, waiting the day to come back home.I hate waiting. Pharmaceutics II, all I can say is, quite good. I don't want to think about how my grades will be, I'm in the holiday mood and I don't want the perfect mood to be ruined.

ohh, and I miss home so much.



beaty said...

no wonder ni sa click ur i update ur link..!

Imagination said...

thank you moi :)

Armstrong said...

I also update your link now heehe.

Well, I guess I have to wish you 'welcome to the blogosphere' hehee. And 'nice to meet u' :P

I've deleted my old blog too. And it feels great and sad at the same time. But now, the sad is gone. wakakaa apa sia cakap ni.

Happy Tuesday, Kaoru.