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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Letter to heaven.

How are you dad? We missed you so much.Things turned out to be tough since you've gone. I can barely recognize myself.My mind isn't here anymore, and I longed for your existence.
 I torture myself with sad song whenever I think about you. I still need you, but I guess heaven was needing you more. It is hard to believe. I look into the old photos and I found some pictures of yours, when you're still healthy, still smiling cheerfully. 
I feel bad about our last argument, during that time, I saw you crying, just because of stupid things we do to our family, and I still remember you said that you don't know how many days left for you to be with your family, and you hope that the family will be reunited again. I've never thought that one day you will leaving us, but now, it all make sense.
Dad, I feel empty and weak. I cannot stand on my own in this cruel world without you as my guide. the day that you left, Mum said, "He never hit me, since the first day we get married and until now". Mum was crying, I cant help myself from crying too. That is the most emotional moment in my life.
Mum is getting better and stronger. I believe that she will. I've never seen true love before this, now I've already see it. Love between you and her. 
Dad, wherever you are, I love you and we will meet soon in heaven. I'll continue writing to you whenever I got the time okay Dad? 

with love,
your daughter.


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