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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Life is a learning process.

The day that we've waited for so long.

Life is a learning process. To earn a high grades doesn't mean that you are better than anyone but it shows how much you've improved.  There's no need to brag, you can only make the achievement as your stepping stone, so that in the future, you will make the best out of it.

It is the end of Semester 1 and looking forward to enter the next semester with great passion and surely, great effort.


Jujie said...

woww...congrats 4 the result sis :)

Amanda Gaby Peter said...

congrates!! =DDD

Armstrong said...

wat da fish?! Hahaa. I've never imagined myself getting that high scores. Pemalas ba sia ni time school. Be it primary, secondary, form 6, uni. Semua malas wakakaa. But I make sure I pass la :P

Ba, congrats ya, Yan. Keep up the good work yo.

And a happy Wednesday to ya!

beaty said...

wow u got good result..Dean List bah tu tapi apa kena panggil kalau d sikul kamu?