Daddy's little girl. Whenever she needed a space on her own, she will keep herself drowned with amazing books accompanied by Jericho and Mckenzie, the catch-eye.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

One fine day.

Photos bring up memories.

Time really flew up so fast huh?15 years ago, I still have chocolates stuck in my teeth when I took my passport picture. Having fun with le friends during secondary school, wearing the green Tshirt, *I'm in love with green colours back then* having niece and nephews, watching they grew up and became such a lovely person, fights with Thetcher, can't get along with him before, but eventually, things changed, and we became best friend. Get to know each other with Mckenzie, been a great companion until now, and indulge myself in lomo-thingy. Bought Instax.Started wearing spectacles, changed my spec third times already.Not going to change because I've found the perfect one.Heartbroken, pushed him away, until he finally went away. My faults.Saying goodbye to UM, never got the chance to go there. Entered Kskb, met new friends. New resolution.Lost the only gentleman in my life, feeling down and hopeless. Emptiness and mourning.Until now. 

people asked me, am I okay?I told myself, they didn't want to hear the truth.The truth is, I'm not okay. - Elena, The Vampire Diaries.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


bunbun said...

at least you can speak the truth. it's okay yann. i know you are strong. you'll be okay :)

Amanda Gaby Peter said...

please be strong k....

beaty said... ok bh sometimes feel not okay bab that show us we are human being yang banyak kelemahan..but the most important thing is always stand up after every fell down.