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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Letter to heaven.

I'm home dad :) a little bit late, I'm supposed to write sooner but your lazy little girl is so busy saving the world. Happy Father's Day dad :') We went to the church last Sunday, Mum, Charlie, Gbeat, Bianca and me. That day was the celebration. Pastor preached about Perfect Father. He showed us some videos, relating to Father's day. We all touched. Pastor told the fathers to gather with their family and pray. We sat there, praying even though you are not by our side. I honestly feel a little bit sad, looking to the other family, praying with their dad. Then suddenly, Aunt Kasinah came and hugged us. I cried, I'm really touched, she even prayed for us.That's the proof that you will never leave us.
Mum is getting better and better each day. She hang the wedding anniversary pictures on the wall. You look so handsome in suit dad :) There are so many memories of you here. I just want to live at this moment :)
Always loving you.
your daughter.


Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

Hye Chihiro..
It was my first time step in ur nice blog..are u sabahan..i'm sabahan too..anyway,nice to meet u..keep in touch okay..oh,you love photography yaa..same goes like me..hit me back id u have free time yaa..=)

Hipi M said...

*hugs!* Your Dad is watching from heaven. :)