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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Photography lovers.

Playing with the white balance.Always set it on automatic before, but suddenly I'm curious to learn. Photography is all about learning. I ain't a photographer. I'm just capturing the moment before it fades away.

Non-edited pictures, I didn't put the watermarks because I want to preserve the originality *kenen, padahal malas* but the truth is, yes, I'm just lazy to put it :P I intended not to edit this picture to show you how the white balance setting can affect the outcomes.I never had an official class on how to take pictures like a pro, I remember having my first dslr, and started using auto mode and the scene mode. I never know how to set the shutter speed and aperture until a friend of mine teach me, in facebook chat.*noob* He asked me to go photoshoot-outing with him but I couldn't find a perfect time back then. After undergoes some failure and a lil' bit success, here I am now, still learning, because learning is a continuous process. All you need is idea, a perfect angle and there it is, a perfect picture.some may have different perspective and definition about perfect picture, but, find your own definition. For me, I'm more into macro :) Bokeh is always amazing.You have no idea on what to take? Stalk some photography blog and you will have ideas flowing from your mind.
Good luck, photography lovers :)
much love.


Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

woaahh..nice photo you stick here..=)you love photography..same goes like me..visit my official blog about photography and artwork here..just click this link..maybe after this we can have some outing..hehe..coz u are sabahan bha kan..hehe..oh ya..this my link

Chihiro said...

hehe,ya ba kan. manatau buli pg outing sma2 pg tngkap ggmbr :3

beaty said...

cantik tu gmbr yan..mcm sa dulu juga ni pas sa beli sa mmg suka pakai mode TV Av P n auto..then pas tu baru playing with the shutter n aperture ..siok..but skg kan sa masi belajar lagi bh juga ha ha..