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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

No matter how busy we are, a simple hi will make it better and will keep us in touch.

Movie-day with Chris, Ronna and Samson. Hadn't meet them for quite a long time *except for Chris, we managed to go out together to Midvalley last month* But for Ronna and Samson, the last time we went out together was, ermm >.< I don't quite remember. After all of us entered matriculation and foundation, we never have the time to hang out and reminisce the old days. When Samson came, I can't stop myself from laughing. I don't know, his action, stories and anything about him never fail to make me laugh. I'm having fun yesterday, it's like, at once I felt the burdens from my shoulder came off, laughing washed away all the tense. *Why am I feeling so tense and weary? confused.

We watched Prometheus, a very interesting story, I mean, very creative idea.In fact that I'm not agree with their points, searching for their makers, and they point it out that God has nothing to do with the existence of human. Ridiculous *just saying* But, I still mesmerized about their ideas of making the film, technologies used and etc where in 2094, they have the machine that can do surgery without the aid of doctors. You just tell the system *It's like Siri application in Iphone* what you want to have and just a blink of an eye, everything's done. *I'm exaggerating LOL* 
I left early, because my sister ask me to join the birthday party celebration that night. I waved my hands, saying good bye, hugged Chris and Ronna, told them that we will meet again next time.Samson said to me, *semoga kita tidak bejumpa lagi selama-lamanya* in a funny way.See? He hasn't changed that much since secondary school. I'm glad that he still the same Samson that I knew then.
Went home, take a bath and my sis' friend came to fetch us, heading to Karamunsing for the birthday party. Ate a lot, tummy's happy, took some pictures, then, heading home. Such a long day.
*The pictures that I took using my toycam will come in the next post :)*
much love :3


Gee said...

Outing with secondary school buddies!! I know how you feel to meet up with those people-you-used-to-cant-live-without-but-separated-by-faith.. ;p
And, your photo was very clear.. dslr huh?? saya pun mau.. hee.. :)

Chihiro said...

ya. masing2 bz jmpa pun susah :( mo?, there's many affordable dlsr suda. ada juga yang mura :)

Joanne Juend said...

Ur sister? Small world. I suppose to attend the party but have urgent thing to settle..

Btw, nice to meet you here :)