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Tuesday, 26 June 2012


  I used to work part time here. Ahh memories :') 
It reminds me how hard for me to earn a small fortune.You work until your energy drained up just for a sum enough to pay the bills and foods ;) But I'm grateful, because I earn the money by myself.

 hello fuuvi juice box camera ;)
 Hangout with Gett at CP
 Taken on our way to go to college for English night class *tingu 7 lebih masih tarang begini kalau di KL*
 YUHUUU *college* 
 Our *sangkar* 
 With Bro Pendy and his daughter Awing :) *balik dari church*

That car!wuuuu >.<

hip hip horrayy! I've sent my films to the processing service, but unfortunately my black&white film can't be processed because they do not have the chemicals to process. 
*I don't know what chemical, they talked about c-41 c-42 if i'm not mistaken*
so, only the fujifilm and solaris were processed. All pictures were taken using my fuuvi camera and ultra wide and slim camera, for those who are interested in toycam, it is easy because it's just a point a shoot-type of camera, browse this site TheClickShop and Mozuko. The best service provided so far. I've been longing to own the slr camera but for the time being, let me just stick with what I've already got and don't be too greedy yeah yan? Hahahaa
much love.


beaty said...

Yan.. sa tow camera ada 2 ja so far UWS n the lomo waterproof but mcm inda sa mau guna tu kamera d air..he he

sa plg suka UWS..he he he

but all photos semua awesome n ada kenangan sndiri ni

sa pn ada juga black n white pny flim n sda guna sekali inda dapt process ni..deii

Chihiro said...

buli buka tu casing dia tu moi :) sy pnah cuba bukan di buka tu casing dia :)
siuk kan analogue

Caroline Henry said...

Awesomeee! Sa suka yg di bwh tu, just nice tone dia, film apa ko guna tu? :D

Chihiro said...

@Caroline Henry
sy nda ingat suda.becampur.hihi.antara fujifilm atau solaris :)carol, ko develop film ko di kl ka dlu?

Caroline Henry said...

Oh, mcm solaris gia tu :) bnyk juga image sa nmpk guna solaris, smua fade dia lawa betul. Sa hntr sana kedai filem, dia bilang dia hantar pigi subang lagi gitu2~