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Thursday, 21 June 2012


The camera loves her very much. 

Watched Lawak Ke Der this morning and I ended up laughing out loud XD. I'm a bit tense nowadays, I don't know why, maybe I'm just over-thinking, so I pamper myself with a good show to watch. I have finished reading Jemima Jones by Jane Green, a very interesting book I must admit.

I realised that my life is shifting. I told mum that I'm going to stay overnight at KK with my sister next Monday, and she didn't say no, or ask why I need to go there.Her respond is just, *oh, then please help me buy those In2IT 2 way foundation, and please check the price of the SKII product* It's different from the usual.For me, it is normal for any mum to be protective about her daughter. Before this, she won't let me to go anywhere if it doesn't involve anything important. She will, after you show your pleading eyes or, some tears :P Same goes when I planning to go to Ipoh, I told her and she just said be extra careful. Maybe it's finally come to the time that she need to trust her daughter to be independent. Another story, if i want to go out with my male friends, she will ask lots of question, and I understand why is she behave like that, to protect her daughter :) But now, she even tease me if I went out with my male friends.
Gahh, I love you mum :')
much love.


Amanda Gaby Peter said...

sy pun ada beli tu buku tu tp sy blm bca.hehe...sepa tu budak tu?

Chihiro said...

@Amanda Gaby Peter
pg bacaaa :) best oh. oh, sy punya ging di kampung XD jiran kami

Amanda Gaby Peter said... pree2 dlu bru bca.haha..ooh..kiut ni...hihi

andynurehanadibahrahim said...

i use sony alpha too XD