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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Killing two birds with one stone.

V: Ko mo pg jogging?
S: Mau, marila join.
V: Baah.Tapi sy mo gambar2 juga sana :3

Went jogging with le roomate yesterday. I'm actually killing two birds with one stones, keeping a healthy lifestyle and capturing sunset at Bukit Tension.
It was drizzling rain yesterday, after we finished our last class.I'm walking back to hostel without an umbrella.Now I have sore throat. My body feels cold and very weak. Early signs of flu =.="
Meds, cooperate with me :( 
much love.


Dora said...

nice pictures.. Love 3 of them :)

I hope you get well soon, now a days banyak org sakit nie

andynurehanadibahrahim said...

love the photoss :) sunsettt!

beaty said...

nice picture o

Gee said...

Nice photos! Unik tu pokok yg last~ :) Take care chihiro~ drink lots of water and take your vit c~ :)

A.G.P said...

cntik gmbr!!

Armstrong said...

Bukit what? Tension? Betul ba? :P

Sakit ka ko, Yan. Hmm, you posted this on 4th. Today 6 so I hope ko recover suda hehee.

And a happy Friday to you!

Chihiro said...

ya ba.musim sakit kali.
but now, I'm getting better :)

Chihiro said...

yaaa! sunset scenery so much :)

Chihiro said...

hihi.ponsikou moi :)

Chihiro said...

I'm getting better! *selepas makasn ubat* hehee :3

Chihiro said...

@A.G.P hihi *terharu* makaseh kio :)

Chihiro said...

iya.Bukit Tension nama dia.for real :3 hahaaa. I'm getting better.yahuuu :3

A.G.P said...

nti ko ajar ne sy menggambar...=)

Aki said...

wait.. Tension?? really?? Y?? y tension nama dia?? T_T.. punya lawa tu..

SimplySeoul said...

Nice to meet another sabahan bloggger here. I've been browsing through your posts, beautiful pictures you have here :)