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Monday, 2 July 2012

Monday blues.

Happy Monday :3

I'm having this sleepy-syndrome-even-though-I-have-enough-sleep-last-night. I'm such in a high spirit to meet le classmates, on our way to college, then suddenly Fika told us, class begins at 2pm. Whattthaaaa? okeyyy, going back to hostel and start browsing about lomography. I wanna buy a new films, but I'm on a tight budget. 

at least I have tuna for breakfast today.*ok la sikit mood* nyum nyum
Blow away all those monday blues peeps :) Wear a smile. 
much love.


Gee said...

pinky there is a lomo camera?? kecil ni.. :p

aestherlyienda said...

your class starts at 2pm. you can go back and lepak di bilik? whoa, punya syok.

A.G.P said...

my class starts at 7.30 everyday =.=

Chihiro said...

kici ni.hihi :)

Chihiro said...

lecturer busy orientasi.smua course start jam 2 kelas.

Chihiro said...

@A.G.P bisuk mcm besa suda d be. hari ni ja tu kna tukar.msuk junior gma

Dyanared said...

you have nice shoot!btw,i came from beaty's blog