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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Le friends.

Went to KLCC with le friends, Pauline, Jing Fen and Stephanie today. What do you do when you have running out of money but you are still wanna go out? Just go and have fun.Spent only on LRT and KTM and my lunch with Famous Amos biscuits as a snack. Even though I'm officially broke but I managed to find some fun :P Watched The Amazing Spiderman, wohooo! It's been ages since the last time I went for a movie LOL. Just kidding :P I had a great time, not to mention I've took photos with my slide film, about 15 photos today. I can't wait to see the result after I finish with the first roll and waiting for my expired film to arrive. 
That's how a broke-20-years-old-girl do to find happiness.nyahahaaaa. 
Much love.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. :)

A.G.P said...

ko sda perna gna ka tu aqua lomo ko?

Chihiro said...

pernah.ada tu di album sy di fb point and guna aqua lomo tu

Chihiro said...

@Nazihah thank you :D