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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Photo Crafts.

Haiiiiiii! *echoooo*

Hectic schedule that makes me almost choked up, English class just started and it took away my night rest :( I miss stalking your writings, bloggers :D
Semester 2 is really challenging, but I'll survive, God willing.

Spent another $$ to buy slide film, I'm experimenting on Kodak Elite Chrome 100 now, you can buy it here PHOTO CRAFTS. I'm very much excited.Blissful feeling, despite that I'm broke. I'm waiting till payday come. 
Till then, lovelies.I want to blog more but I need to date with the books. A lot of things happened, I want to write it all but I really need to catch up with my academics. Till then.

much love,


SimplySeoul said...

Take care of your health :)...beautiful photo.

ZeLL~LeaH said...

just what i need...thnx for providing the website! :)