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Friday, 31 August 2012


Having a deep conversation with Ivy last night. Somehow made me realised that I'm having problem with myself. I'm afraid of hurting other people and at the same time, afraid of getting hurt. I don't like to be stuck in this situation because I prefer to be someone very cheerful and doesn't have problems with this thing called love. 
After a series of unexpected (bad) things happened in my life, failure, breakup and funeral. I admit, despite the lost I've experienced, I'm even stronger, emotionally. I can't forget how devastated I am, but, every cloud has a silver lining :) I believe that everything happens for a reason.

Then I finally realised what keeps me so hard to move on. Memories.
A very simple answer to my question that been bugging me for 1 year.

then, at the end of the conversation, this girl learnt many things, one of them is letting go, moving on, and those tall walls I used to guard my heart before, is now gone.


Anonymous said...

don't lose hope...I'm glad that u r ok now...=) no one can escape trials in their life, but u must remember that God is always there for u. I am actually jealous of u, I still have my father, but then I am not close to him. What can be worse than that? I didn't even become the person I really want to be, didn't get the result I was dreaming of, and failed in my relationship. Just like u but in different situation. I cry every single night asking myself why did I fail in everything but at the end of the day, all I can do is be grateful, stay positive and everything will be okay.. =) Love hugs...

Chihiro said...

dear anon, your comment made my day :) thank you.I'm getting better every single day, I can't avoid hardship,we cant also. so, put a smile on our face and count the blessing! :D

Anonymous said...