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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Jet lagged (?)

Heyyy yaaa!

After a long and exhausting journey from home to my *beloved hostel*, here I am again, sitting on my chair, trying to do some revision, since I haven't done much during holidays >.< Then my webcam started to seduce my to capture my own photo :O  *Okeyy I'm exaggerating* Yeah. Please bear with all this madness. Yan is having pretty serious problem today.Starting from browsing le Tumblr, I found out all the post are very funneh and I can't stop laughing. This madness continues when I stalked le gf blog and listened a very sad song *I don't even understand the lyrics LOL* but the atmosphere was.. sad. After a while, I logged in into my facebook and I saw le *crush photo on the wall and suddenly *dalam hati ada taman*.Gila kan?

Jet lagged mungkin.ekekekek *teteda ni ba


SimplySeoul said...

I see your notes there...campus life again. All the best. :)