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Sunday, 23 September 2012


Niku and Jal


le classmate, Pauline

from left: Hazizi, Qayyum and Luthfi

From left: Hazizi, Collisk and Niku

Hhahahaa (look at Nikus face :P)

Le classmate, Valerie

Chandra and Tika

Jahatnya budak ni -.-

I stole the photos from Niku's instagram :P

had an amazing night. The performance was okay, even though got mistakes here and there but after all, we did our best!  I met new friends from other courses :) 
Now getting back to normal life, with studies and assignments.


SimplySeoul said...

Our traditional clothes... i love it. tried it once and totally shamelessly fall in love with my look. haha.

Jujie said...

sis yan..budak matrik ka kwn ko tu dlu? yg llki tu.mcm knl.. hee :)