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Sunday, 16 September 2012


Ask le friend if he's free after church service. He said no plan yet, so I ask  him whether he would like to go to Sunway Pyramid. I entered a contest on facebook made by PHOTOCRAFTS, just a simple contest and I'd like to try whether I have the luck to be a winner. In the end, I won. They told me to redeem my mystery gift at their outlet located In Sunway Pyramid. I'm amazed when I first entered the shop.Lots of lomo photos on the wall,I even took photos with their dolls :P and I found out that they have film developing service provided.Yess! So next time, I'll just send my film there to be developed as I'll pass by Sunway Pyramid every Sunday on our way back to Sungai Buloh :)

Watched Resident Evil today. Thumbs Up. I nearly scream, most of the scene make my heart gonna thrown out from my body. Worth my money even though I'm on a tight budget.Hohohoh. I learn how to keep myself entertain even though you have not much money left to wait for the next allowance to come. Survival skills :P

One  of our church friend, Rowena is leaving today for doing practical at Sabah. She's going for 8 months. Brought my Instax to church today to take some photos with her and the others. Wishing Rowena all the best on her way to become a Health Inspector :) 

Till then sweethearts. Much love.


ZeLL~LeaH said...

what a coincidence! i went to watch resident evil today as well. congratz on winning the mystery gift. :)

Gee said...

I want to see the photo you took for the contest! Boleh ka.. hehe

Armstrong said...

No pics of your buddy? :P All the best to her too!

And happy Wednesday, Yan!