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Friday, 7 September 2012


reuploading this again. Old photo which I captured long time ago, and I uploaded it on my old blog :3

End of mid semester examination. I feel relieved, though I don't feel so confident about how I answered all the questions. I think back on how bad my preparation back then,  I really can predict what is the result. I guess no more high expectation this time :') Last minutes preparation will never give you an excellent result. Note that.

But I feel glad it's finally over :D

been practicing a healthy meal starting this week, and I hope that I can continue to get a healthy lifestyle.Gonna blog about it later. 


☆彡Mitchell Cullen said...

jangan dulu fikir bukan2.. sometimes pandai lain tu.. even my experience last minute pun bukan slalu bad result juga ne.. try be positive saja no matter what.. :)