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Sunday, 9 September 2012


 Life without Mckenzie@Jericho, I feel a bit dull. I used to take random photos here, edit it and just a few seconds uploaded into this blog.Tadaaa.Done.The power of digital camera. Now, my aim to focus more on films is more challenging, and yet, I have to wait for it to be developed. Patience is needed :P

But it will never stops me from getting more serious into lomography, never say never.HAHA. I've been thinking about buying a SLR camera, which will cause a huge hole in my account bank. So, I told myself to wait a little bit more, saving 100 bucks per-month will help me get my dream come true, Amen :)

Le classmate came to me yesterday and asked about my instax camera. I brought it once to class, during Sir Huzaifie Farewell Party, and some people were asking about this and that, and there were people saying sarcastic things about being outdated, bla bla bla that I didn't even care.HOHO. But le classmate was very interested in buying one, so I feel honored to explain a little bit about the camera. I don't know why, I feel excited to explain when it comes to photography. It's on my blood, maybe? HAHA.

I used 1 box of instax film last night, during Sabahan Pharmacy Trainee Gathering and paste it on my album I bought with Gett last time at Kaison. Too bad instax can't save a soft copy of the photo :P 

last for today's updates, photo that bring back memories ;) 
I asked my friend about dream:

Le friend: If you met somebody in your dream, they come to ask for your prayer.
me: If I met my late father, wearing a suit, waving at me with a cheerful smile? What is the meaning of the dream?
Le friend: That's mean, he's gone through the light already :)

It was my sister's dream actually. 


ZeLL~LeaH said...

the SLR camera is also in my wishlist. :)

ppl saying that using films are outdated don't know what they are missing.haha

Chihiro said...

@ZeLL~LeaH they don't understand the beauty of analog.hey want instant result, like digital camera.hoho.luckily for us, we hv those patience.hehehe

Aifazillawati said...

I seriously can't stand if people sarcasticly jokes about the outdated thing, which was always happening to me though. haha, they're seriously have no idea....what does it like..