Daddy's little girl. Whenever she needed a space on her own, she will keep herself drowned with amazing books accompanied by Jericho and Mckenzie, the catch-eye.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Unexpected Visitor.

Woke up around 9 am. Took my bath, breakfast and continue dating with le notes while watching movies. Le friend texted me and she said she wanna come to copy movies from le external. Its funny, I'm in the midst of pre-exam but I still enjoy myself watching Harry Potter, Maharaja Lawak and anime while studying. Multitasking like a boss, huh? 

Different people might have different way of studying. I could not agree more. I'm the kind of person who needs some kind of entertainment, so that I won't feel bored and sleepy. I guess you also have your own way, right? :)

And I'm not expecting to have a visitor today. Played with le cat for a while. *manja kucing ne.yeii

Weekend almost come to an end for this week. another 4 days and I'll be facing final exam. I didn't mention I have this one subject I nearly failed yeah? Yeah, It's true. screw me -.-

Don't worry, be happy. Everything gonna be just fine bebeh.