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Thursday, 25 October 2012

why waste our life by not loving?

It doesn't matter how many people your lover loved before, for me, people from my past are the one who makes who I am now. They brought different impact in my life. 
I would like to quote some saying from this short movie, which is:

Young love is unique and impossible to replace or replicate because we only can be in that situation once.

Her and I were almost perfect, but the only thing that wasn't perfect is the timing.

One thing that captures my attention is, why waste our life by not loving?

Love can be the most complicated thing you ever experienced with, but those feelings, somehow undeniably  makes you feel like cloud nine. When we fall in love, the world seems like ours and nothing could stop us from doing what we think is right. Looking at their face will make you blushing you just can't mutter even a single word. 

And when you are madly in love, it's funny when you started to think about the future with him/her :) but when you fall out of love, thinking about the future, especially marriage makes you feel afraid and sick.HAHAA :p

ahhh.I miss the feeling of falling in love.Ngahahaha XD


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Chihiro said...

eiseh si manda :P

SimplySeoul said...

true, past is past. but past is what painted u the way you are now :) who stay, who left, all of them matter. but remember to save the best spot for the best person.